Courage + Vision = Results

Since 2003, Mitch and Becky haven’t stopped traveling.  They have visited places no one else has bothered to visit in a long time and probably couldn’t find with a road map.  Mitch has stayed overnight in the homes of close to a hundred different Hoosier families.

Make no mistake, this is where the New Crew gets their instructions – from you.

Your neighbors asked Mitch for action, results, and for positive change and he made that our mission. Thanks to you, and thousands like you, we got the chance.

Indiana is becoming a leader nationwide for leaner, cleaner government, solving problems without raising taxes, and creating good paying jobs.

  • Mitch achieved Indiana’s first two honestly balanced budgets in nearly a decade.
  • Indiana now ranks #12 nationally for our business climate, #4 for our overall cost of doing business, and #1 in international investment in the country in 2007 (Forbes Report, July 2007, Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index,
  • Since taking office, over 60,000 new good-paying jobs have been committed by 2012 and some 100,000 more Hoosiers have jobs now than in 2005.
  • Mitch is securing good paying jobs, with an average annual salary of more than $39,000, or about $5,500 more per year than the average Hoosier salary.
  • Indiana’s unemployment rate is the lowest in six years – and the lowest in the Midwest.   All of our neighboring states’ unemployment is increasing, while Indiana’s is decreasing.  One economist described Indiana as an “island of growth” (IBJ, Dec 24-30, 2007).
  • Mitch provided the only plan to permanently cut and cap property taxes forever, helping every Hoosier homeowner, including seniors,  and young families alike.
  • Mitch took the previous administration’s $200 million deficit to a billion dollar surplus.
  • Indiana is the only state in the nation with a record-breaking 10 year transportation program without raising taxes or borrowing money.  We have money in the bank, earning interest to pay for 400 road and bridge projects.
  • Indiana is now a national leader in agriculture production and alternative energy, and Mitch has received the “Excellence in American Agriculture Award for his dedication to agriculture throughout the nation.
  • Mitch paid back $750 million to all K-12 schools, universities, and local government units that were owed to them from the previous administration’s deficit spending.
  • Mitch has made child protection a top priority, earning a national award for the reforms adopted to protect Hoosier children.  Over 600 new child caseworkers have been hired and 200 more on the way to reduce caseloads.
  • Indiana is now a national leader in providing health insurance coverage for 132,000 low-income, uninsured Hoosiers.
  • Over 200,000 Hoosiers have qualified for free or discounted prescription medicines through Mitch’s RX for Indiana program.
  • Indiana is now a national leader in the fight against Meth.
  • After decades of neglect, Mitch expanded benefits for Hoosier veterans and military families.
  • Mitch created regional fire training academies long sought by career and volunteer firefighters.
  • Indiana is now a national leader in Telecom reform connecting more Hoosiers than ever to broadband internet service.
  • Mitch trimmed over $250 million in unnecessary spending from state government and saved a total of $190 million by renegotiating the previous administration’s some 30 contracts.
  • Indiana has supplemented the state’s revenues with federal grants.  In 2006, Indiana received more than $100 million in federal grants – an increase of $46 million from the previous administration.
  • Mitch fixed the BMV, with an average wait time at any statewide BMV branch now set at 8 minutes, and an overall satisfaction rate of 96 percent.


These successes are only a fraction of what Mitch, Becky, and the New Crew have managed to achieve during the past three years.

Stay tuned for more!


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